SoulFlower CBD is a totally independent brand committed to excellence, sustainability, and environmental protection. Proudly made in Italy.

We produce high CBD flowers for the europen market, with thc below 0.2%. 0.3% 0.4%

We offer you transparency and consistency. We grow and package every single bud, which passes directly from the growers’ hands to yours!

Thanks to our passion for cultivation and the secrets of the top experts in the sector we have become the best CBD hemp growers at national level and we have also obtained important awards at European level, such as the 4.20 Cannabis Light Cup, within the first European contest for growers ( SoulFlower CBD )


SoulFlower CBD hemp is grown in a greenhouse located in pristine areas at a slm altitude of 600 meters, following ancient integrated biodynamic methods: using only organic fertilizers, without additives or chemical pesticides, in total respect of the environment. Sustainability matters to us and we want to share our choices.

Soul Flower CBD crops are not extensive or forced, we try to keep hemp as close as possible to its natural stage to preserve all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids with their infinite properties. The resulting quality is much higher.

The buds are collected by hand, dried with controlled and constant parameters and then subjected to a cure of 90 days. The last touch is manual trimming, each inflorescence is finished by hand. The trichomes that cover it remain intact and maintain all the properties that the plant has in the field.

Only in this way can we obtain our Soul Flowers with the right compactness, softness and unparalleled aroma.

Thanks to our careful procedures, the Special Selection Soul flower CBD reveals all its best sensory characteristics and unparalleled quality.

We devote a lot of love to our plants and in return we receive an inexhaustible source of positive energy. Our goal is to give you the same feeling, in every single pack to collect.

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WHOLESALE 0.2% 0.3% 0.4%